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Stress Measurement

We provide a service for in situ stress measurement for underground mines and tunnels using the overcoring method with CSIRO stress cells. Our engineers have wide-ranging experience in these techniques and offer a worldwide service in stress measurement.

We have extensive experience in absolute and in situ stress measurement and stress change monitoring in rock using overcoring and acoustic emission testing (Kaiser effect).

Over 500 site measurements have been successfully completed in a wide range of geological and stress conditions. The overcoring technique is the predominant method used. A range of cell types are employed depending on the site conditions and application.

Recent projects include the following:

  • In situ stress measurements at a diamond mine (Canada).
  • In situ stress measurements at Deep Underground Scientific and Engineering Laboratory (USA).
  • In-situ stress measurement for stope design, zinc mine (Ireland).
  • Absolute and stress change measurement in sprayed concrete linings (UK).
  • In situ stress measurement for gas storage cavern, (USA).
  • Stress monitoring at a copper mine (RSA).

Stress measurement is routinely used by ourselves to quantify in-situ stress conditions as part of site investigations. Stress measurement is also used extensively for pillar design and mine layout design. We have our own lightweight, compressed air driven drill rigs for stress measurement. These purpose built drill rigs help ensure successful measurements. They facilitate quick transport to site and rapid setup.

We also have extensive experience of determining in-situ stress from acoustic emission testing of oriented rock core. This technique can provide valuable information on the in-situ stress field when measurement by overcoring is not practical.

For further information, contact:

Ian Gregson (Nottingham office)

Arek Rostocki (Nottingham office)

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