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Mining Research

We have an established record of undertaking high-quality geotechnical contract research.

This is undertaken by a multi-discliplinary research team which includes Geologists, Geoscientists, Mining Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Physicists and Electronics Engineers.

We have excellent research facilities at our site in Bretby, Derbyshire, including a well equipped rock reinforcement testing laboratory, extensive electronics laboratories and a numerical modelling capability for simulating underground rock behaviour.

Currently our main sponsors for Contract Research are the European Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) and the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Many of our research projects are jointly funded by both organisations with additional contributions from coal mine operators and equipment manufacturers.

Recently Completed Projects

  • Improved Extraction Ratios for Deep Coal Mines (RFCR-CT-2008-00001) 
  • Drivage and Roadheading Intelligent System (RFCR-CT-2007-00002)
  • Prediction and Monitoring of Subsidence Hazards Above Coal Mines (RFCR-CT-2007-00004)
  • Increased Productivity and Safety of European Coalmines By Advanced Techniques, Knowledge and Planning Tools Enabling Strata Control of the Face Roadway Junction (RFCR-CT-2007-00001)
  • New Mechanisation and Automation of Longwall and Drivage Equipment (RFCR-CT-2006-00001)
  • Development and Optimisation of Efficient Systems for the Monitoring of Gateroad Support under the Influence of Rock Stress (RFCR-CT-2005-00002)
  • Geotechnical Modeling, Classification and Exploration for Safe and Efficient Mine Layout and Tunnel Support Design (RFC-CR-03011)
  • Development and Demonstration of Automatic Ground Hazard Monitoring Systems (ECSC 7220/PR-059)
  • Improved Understanding of Reinforcement Behaviour/Testing (ECSC 7220/PR-091)
  • Advanced Geotechnical Instrumentation for Detecting Rock Failure and Monitoring Support Loads (ECSC 7220/PR-092)
  • Improved Roadway and Face End Techniques (ECSC 7220/PR-115)
  • Improved Roadway Drivage and Ground Control under High Stress Conditions (ECSC 7220/PR-132)
  • Improved Rock Stress Measurement and Analysis for Planning Underground Coal Mines (ECSC 7220/PR-135)
  • Testing and Standards for Rock Reinforcement Consumables (HSE D5017)
  • Evaluation of Tensioned and Non-Tensioned Long Tendon Reinforcement in UK
  • Deep Mining Conditions (HSE D6229)
  • Falls of Ground Risks in Coal Mine Face Roadways (HSE 368/2001)

Contract Research

We are always pleased to quote to undertake contract research in the fields of:

  • Tunnel support design and stability
  • Rock testing
  • Stress measurement
  • Health and safety related to tunnel support systems
  • Risk assessment for falls of ground in mines
  • Numerical modelling of rock behaviour
  • Rock reinforcement testing and design

Lorraine Kent (Nottingham office)

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