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Mining Software

We offer a wide range of software ranging from analysis of data recorded by our sonic extensometers and strain gauges rockbolts (Exbolt) to designing cutting drums (Golder Cut). Some of our software products are available for download free of charge to assist our customers in analysing data obtained from our instrumentation. Check below for the latest release. Manuals for our software products are also available below for download.

We also provide high quality, bespoke software design and we would be pleased to provide advice against your specific applications requirements.

Our range of mining software inlcudes the following (these titles are hyperlinked to the text below):


Rib Laser Survey

Rib laser survey is a complete data storage and presentation system for monitoring rib movement within mines. A series of colour line graphs can be produced for each individual mesauring point and can be printed, saved or copied to the clipboard.

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Golder Cut

Golder Cut aids the design and testing of coal cutting drums. It can be applied to the design of Continuous Miners, Roadheaders and Shearer drums. Drum designs can be viewed in 3D, breakout patterns determined and the load distribution between cutting picks analysed.

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