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Resource Evaluation Services

Golder's experience with mining clients all over the world -- from project exploration to mine development, operation and closure - provides the rich foundation of expertise of our Resource Evaluation Services. Our global team of geologists, mining engineers, and other multidisciplinary specialists perform the comprehensive geological, mining and economic analyses required for resource evaluations, investment and mine development decisions.

Our work with the world's most valuable mineral commodities and major mining companies provides even further depth to our engineering and scientific expertise. We understand the bottom line questions of mineral exploration and resource evaluation, which are where and how to mine economically. Golder has the global reach and technical depth to identify potential answers for your exploration and mining projects related to all major mined minerals, including:

Iron ores Coal
Gold & silver Oil sands
Copper, lead & zinc  Uranium
Nickel Potash
Molybdenum Phosphate
Manganese Oil Shale
Platinum group elements  

Diamonds  Limestone
Rare earth elements  Marble & Granite
Mineral sands  Clay
Talc  Sand & gravels


Resource Evaluation Services

We offer a full spectrum of services in exploration, geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, geostatistics, geophysics, geomechanics, geometallurgy and environmental services needed for advanced mineral deposit definition and evaluation.

  • Exploration program design and management
  • Sampling QA/QC programs and data validation;
  • Geological interpretation and geological modelling;
  • Mineral Resource estimates using recognised industry best practices, but with capabilities for advanced geostatistical and modelling methods, such as Multiple Indicator Kriging and Unfolding
  • Rock mechanics and characterisation
  • Mineral resource estimates
  • Environmental, social, economic and legal assessments to address sustainability
  • Competent/Qualified Person Reports to NI 43-101, JORC and other internationally recognised reporting standards.

Specialised Ore Evaluation Services

Technical Auditing & Compliance

Golder has completed numerous Mineral Resource/Reserve audits in many commodities, ranging in size from smaller first-time resource estimates to mulitiple property resources/reserves for large global producers.

Efficient Due Diligence studies are also a mainstay of the Golder global resources and reserves team. Timely but comprehensive review of data and technical reports provide clients with a risk based analysis on properties.

Mining Grade Control & Ore Block Optimisation

Golder has developed and utilises a mining grade control system based on Ore Block Optimisation (OBO). Its modules assist the mining geologists in determining the most cost effective method of supplying the ore to the mills.

The sampling data is modelled using geostatistical conditional simulation, with the ore block boundaries optimised to meet specified mine management criteria. Using this system, mining blocks can be generated quickly, repeatable and consistent with mining controls such as cut-off grade.

Global Network, Local Solutions

Golder's Resource Evaluation Services Group utilises Golder professionals in multiple disciplines around the world as needed. Online collaboration, seamless databases and cross industry knowledge systems give them access to the latest technological advances and global best practices that can directly benefit your project.

And with local offices in or near every major exploration or mining district in the world, Golder's consultants have ready access to local knowledge and support as needed to mobilise mineral resource evaluation projects efficiently and economically.

Other specialised Golder services related to resource evaluation often include:

Explore more about Golder's Resource Evaluation Services and other capabilities in your area and around the globe.

For more information, contact: 
Christiano Santos (Bourne End, UK)
Tel: +44 (0) 1628 851851

Software Development

At Golder, we have developed industry leading software programs that we routinely use for the assessment of key environmental issues affecting our clients. Some of these software programs include the following:

Ore Block Optimisation
OBO - Grade Control Solution
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