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Integrated Tailings Management

On a daily basis, we work on mines around the world to design, build, operate or close mine waste management facilities, including:

  • Site selection
  • Background studies (environmental, social & community, archaeology and traditional knowledge, seismic risk, climate, hydrology, hydrogeology)
  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Mine waste deposition planning and design; tailings, thickened tailings (see below for more details), waste rock and co-disposal (Paste Rock)
  • Tailings dam design
  • Water balances and water management plans
  • Geochemical and water quality assessments
  • Active and passive water treatment design
  • Tailings distribution system design
  • Hydraulic structure design
  • Construction management, quality control, quality assurance
  • Closure planning
  • Independent and peer review
  • Support for permits
  • Annual inspections and compliance reviews
  • Operation, maintenance and surveillance manuals

Paste Technology

We provide knowledge and capabilities to our clients to assist them in overcoming complex environmental, financial, and social challenges regarding mineral waste stream management. 

We specialise in providing engineering solutions for the placement of thickened tailings or paste as underground backfill or surface disposal. 

We assist our clients to operate successfully in today's regulatory environment by providing an extensive range of services including:

  • conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility consulting studies
  • laboratory testing
  • materials characterisation
  • tailings dewatering
  • waste water treatment
  • mineral waste handling and transportation
  • engineering design
  • construction management and procurement
  • operational management and support

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